The results of my collaboration with the consulting company AMT Consultants were as follows:

  • Increase of information volume.
  • Closing of profitable jobs (sale of 4 jobs in January 2010, in comparison with zero sales in January and February 2009).
  • The jobs are completed faster and without deficiencies. We saved many lost work-hours.
  • Organization of stand-bys and overtime.
  • Organization of storehouse.
  • Alertness of the accountant.
  • Gaining time from our creditors and, also, better prises.
  • Long ago finished jobs that we took their maintenance.

With Esteem,

In December 2009, we had a serious problem in our business. Few customers, many debts and mainly ignorance, uncertainty and lack of specific steps to get out of that situation.

Our collaboration with AMT started on January 2010. Today (June 2010), the results are as follows:

  • Our debts are minimal and under control.
  • Our sales have increased and we manage our clientele better.
  • We are not influenced by the crisis; on the contrary, we see hope inside this whole situation.
  • Our turnover has increased by 300%.
  • There is a complete organization in our business.
  • Each one of us does their job and knows what others do.
  • We keep a financial planning and now we know how much money we must produce and how to produce them.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With esteem,

With our collaboration in the particular procedure of evaluation, with Performia system, we found out that many data that we had confused in our mind, were made more specific by the test and this helped us to do a more complete evaluation of our salesmen.

One particularly important element is the emergence of the salesmen’s points of improvement, on individual level. This helped us to concentrate directly to the needed training in order to improve specific points, both in group and on individual level.


Hellastat S.A. company, present in the branch of Business Information, has entrusted the correct and effective staffing of its departments to the evaluation services of Performia. Hellastat, being a rapidly developing company, is just 5 years has come to employ more than 30 permanent employees, anticipating soon to increase them to 40 persons. In a phase of such an intense re-organization and expansion of our executives, the contribution of Performia proves to be of decisive importance for the rational accomplishment of the enrichment of our company with people who will contribute effectively to the attainment of our business visions.

For Hellastat S.A, as for most businesses, Human Resources constitutes our biggest asset. Within this frame, Performia takes care to offer us all the necessary “safety valves”, so that we can “protect” this asset and to “grow” together with our business results. Exactly for this reason, we look forward to a long-term and constructive relation, that will continuously advance the quality of our services.


All of us, who are selected in order to manage a department, a company, a number of customers –as the case may be–, we are selected because we have amazing ideas and we believe in them. Because our mind works even at nights, finding ideas and ways to realize them. Nevertheless, one person only cannot “pull the cart” and often, while one may know what is needed to be done, he or she does not know how to do it.

During my search for help and answers, I found the counselors of AMT Consultants and talked to them regarding the situation I was in. Since then, I understood what are the real problems that I need to confront and they were not what I thought they were when I was under the pressure of the job. All the stress and the pressure goes away when you really see what you have to confront.

Now, I not only know how to recognize my real problems, both personal and professional, but I know exactly the order in which I need to solve them. So, I can convince others around me for the reason they need to follow me and to do what I ask from them.

Us Greeks have ideas, but we thing we know everything and that is the point we lose. My relation with AMT Consultants was not one of collaboration. We worked together. We found and applied modern tools, some of them being in front of my face for so long but I doubted them, because, in final analysis, I did not know how to handle them or even what I could gain from them.

The difference in my job is noticeable, not only regarding my performance, but mainly regarding my partners, who, among these difficult moments, have me beside them to offer them solutions and to proceed in a stable environment, an environment of development that most of us look for today”.

With special esteem,

My success starts from the first moment I visited AMT (Advanced Management Technology).

I was a businessman with enthusiasm, “appetite”, responsibility and vision, but with no effectiveness, organization and tactics.

And this is exactly what AMT needs in order to do effectively its job, i.e. progressive and active people, who nevertheless are blocked inside the wheels of administration and management.

The first success during my training by AMT was the knocking over of almost all the people who I used to work with. The new persons who surround me now, both in my job and in my personal life, have contributed greatly to the wild upward course of my business.

Posts that were always defective due the irresponsibility and incompetence of my old partners, at this moment function faultlessly.

It was a rather difficult undertaking. Nevertheless, at this moment, all the difficulties and obstacles belong to the past.

Our customers have in front of them people – partners ready to serve their interests, as well as ours, with the most effective way. They keep the policy, the course and the philosophy of the company, with the result to increase our customers and our sales and, also, their income and vision.

All the aforesaid function and proceed through a specific Code of Ethics, that is part and parcel to the success of our job. It is a Code of Ethics that is inviolable by any person, if they want and can exist inside our professional family.

This Code is active inside their environment, in their relations with the customer, the supplier and the management of the company. When we first started to work under this code, the first thing we managed was to reduce the losses, the second was to find collaborators with similar ethics level, with the result to shield our job, to stabilize our economics, to improve our relations with our suppliers and, more generally, to create a better name in the market.

Sincerity, honesty and high professional ethics is a slogan for our business, and the biggest success happened by itself. When we managed to organize and man our business according to the above, i.e. according to the training we received from AMT, the success was unavoidable.

Our business created such an esteem and such a good name, that we did not have to do even the scheduled promotion.

Our new customers communicate daily with us, asking our collaboration

Our sales during the last year have increased by 50%, with an annual turnover of 600.000 €. And this amount increases daily.

Of course, there must be a day to day alertness and regular training in order to stay always on this high level of rendering of services.

The living potential of the business has increased by 30% and they are under training. The success of our company corresponds and keeps pace with their ambitions and visions. We have become more effective, more factual, each one on their post, with specific obligations, responsibilities and, also, benefits.

One last success, perhaps the most essential, is this letter, since it was a part that we had left incomplete in our training, that is the closing of incomplete cycles.

AMT Consultants, we thank you very much and we hope to see you againg.

With esteem,

The consultation from AMT until today is really valuable and essential for the course of my business.

I was given many tools for the re-organization of my company in all its sectors, and those tools were applied with great care, gaining so a real control of the business, resulting to an increase of profits.

During the consultation, we re-evaluated things, people and situations, giving them the correct course, with the final purpose the increase of profitability and harmonious function of the company.

With esteem,

It is wonderful to have something that starts nicely to continue even better. Only in this way I can describe my cooperation with AMT Consultants and its representatives in early January, 2011.

During two days of consultation, after the signing of our agreement, we saw that there still exist people and companies who deliver what they promise.

Our knowledge about the needs and demands of our company increased.

We solved many questions and we realized many target-less actions and wrong orientations of our company.

After those two days of consultation, we feel ready to confront, to solve and to proceed in our job, certain about the positive results that our actions will bring about.

With esteem,

Every businessman who respect their business and would like to see it growing, healthy and reliable, is strongly puzzled regarding the course they should follow. On which people to lean on, what opinions to hear, who to consult in order to improve their company.

AMT Consultants people are always beside you, more than you anticipated, with care for your business, with passion for success, with love for their customer. You feel that you lean on a counselor with big “weight”, who covers your gaps, who share your dreams and helps you to realize them.

AMT Consultants was an essential helper in my effort to organize better my company, to increase my clientele, to realize ideas that have now come to the surface. I feel happy I walked with them during all this time of our collaboration, and it is certain that we are going to talk about much in the future.