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Testimonials and Pictures of the seminars with Patrick Valtin on 8 and 9 June

The two seminars with Patrick Valtin have been completed successfully on 8 and 9 June 2017.

The topics of the seminars were the following:

  • Lead Generation on 08/06/2017 in cooperation with Business Coaching Lab and Coaching Leaders and
  • How to properly and effectively manage your time on 09/06/2017 in cooperation with Business Coaching Lab and Coaching Leaders

The speaker Mr. Valtin, an internationally renowned consultant and trainer, presented to business executives useful and practical techniques of finding new clients, as well as techniques on how to save and manage time.

Some of the testimonials of the seminar attendees were the following:

  • «Very timely, it covered directly the subject that all companies are concerned about” – A.M.
  • «I heard for the first time things that I haven’t even heard in the university” – A.K.
  • «Constructive, targeted, efficient. Very good presentation, it was worth the money spent” – D.K.
  • «Practical, with excellent content and very good organization” – K.M.
  • «Very useful with clear advices” – D.A.
  • «To the point!!» – M.M.
  • «Analytical, useful, not tiring, pleasant and comprehensive” – A.M.
  • «Excellent seminar for my time management, I am looking forward to apply everything I learned” – G.P.

Be informed for our next seminars!

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