AMT Consultants offers the possibility to every business to receive an educative seminar, that fits completely to its needs.

After a research, we do a detailed write up of the educational needs of the personnel of the business concerned and we create the subject matter of the seminar.

Regarding the choosing of the speaker, AMT has the possibility, apart from its own speakers, to invite famous speakers from abroad.

The seminars can be delivered either in the spaces of the business itself or in the specially equipped for seminars space of AMT.

Some of the subjects:

  • Effective Leadership
  • Time Management
  • How to Sell to Tough Buyers and Turn Them Into Your Most Loyal Customers)
  • Effective Negotiations Techniques – How to get what you want
  • Internet Marketing & Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • How to Develop Financial Control and Abundance

Strengthen the performance of your business. Train your personnel with seminars tailor made for your needs.