Business Scanning Service

As its name indicates, the procedure of Business Scanning is a quick but precise “X-ray” of a company. Following specific check-lists, focused to the various areas of a business, our counselors evaluate the existing scene of a business and locate the reasons behind unwanted situations, as well as the way for solving them.

Every company is a “live organism”. In order to improve, as a whole, its picture, its productivity and its profitability, we must address, with specific order and way, the various factors that affect those.

The location of the correct reasons and actions for the resolution of the above is the factor that makes the difference between success and failure.


The meaning of an Orgboard is known to the business world. But in very few cases it is understood from the people of a company that the orgboard is a tool that is at any moment stand by to act and organize the company and its functions.

The beauty of this particular model of an orgboard that we use in AMT is its flexibility in application.

It is based on the rules of life itself and can be applied in every enterprise and from any organization or company, regardless of its objective of size.

The orgboard is divided in seven separate divisions. Each one of them does the functions that are necessary to produce the final “product” of the division.

In order for any organization to be successful, it has been discovered that all the actions described in the seven divisions orgboard must be covered. An organization lacking one or more of these divisions, is sooner or later doomed to fail.

Management by statistics

The biggest mistake an executive could make when managing a company or a sector of it is to try to manage based on “opinions”.

One of the most fundamental principles of management, that was phrased by L. Ron Hubbard, is “Look, Don’t Listen”. This principle, as simple as it looks, is disregarded by most executives. The decisions are taken based on opinions or on what is said, and not on real inspection of the results, the statistics and the real production.

An operator of e complex machinery cannot function without seeing and continuously evaluating the indicators of the machinery. In exactly the same way, an executive cannot manage if he does not have for immediate inspection real, easy to see and understandable statistics that measure directly the productivity of his persons and of the various sectors of his company.

One can plan a strategy only when based on correct statistics.

Consultation regarding Strategy – Agreement Technology

The visionary, or the creator of a company, according to the usual operation standards in Greece, is very often “drown” in problems and in the handling of every day matters, that he loses his initial vision and does not give attention to the Strategy needed to attain what he initially wished.

Many times, he also finds his believes and his goals to be in conflict with those of the rest share holders or the higher executives.

It has been proved that all kinds of problems arise when there is not agreement and understanding on the highest echelons of a company.

The Strategy Consultation takes care of matters such as:

  • Agreements
  • Goals
  • Policies – Operation principles
  • Handling of short and long term problems.
  • Opening of new markets and cooperations.

Banking and Law Matters, etc.