Human Resources Evaluation - PERFORMIA

Our main target is to offer to each and every businessman or HR Manager greater control, speed and accuracy regarding the procedure for hiring and evaluation of applicants and also for the existing personnel of the business.

Until today, there have been delivered over 1.000.000 on-line tests and conferences, and the Performia evaluation system has managed to deliver about 6,000 tests weekly, worldwide.

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Consultation Services

Every company is a “live organism”. In order to improve, as a whole, its picture, its productivity and its profitability, we must address, with specific order and way, the various factors that affect those.

The location of the correct reasons and actions for the resolution of the above is the factor that makes the difference between success and failure.

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Executives Training

We have the ability to propose a specific training program to optimize the abilities of the executive for the position the executive occupies or is going to occupy.

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Executive Life Coaching

We cannot deal only with the organizational factors of a company and expect from that a substantial improvement, without taking also into account the prospering of the people comprising the company.

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Tailor Made Seminars

AMT Consultants offers the possibility to every business to receive an educative seminar, that fits completely to its needs.

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