Marc De Turck Seminar 4 12 14 (3)

Photos and impressions from Marc de Turck’s seminar

Some of the impressions of the people who attended the seminar:

“It was extremely useful and interesting. The way of presenting the information is very important and it was provided in a clear and practical way. I would definitely advise this seminar to my colleagues, friends and bosses”
“Very interesting. Thorough. With broad spectrum in the specific sector. Among the best HR seminars I have attended” – R.G.
“Extraordinary. I learned new things, ideas and I remembered older ones” –A.F.
“Mr Marc was amazing, experienced and thorough. I wish we had more speakers like him regarding professional matters concerning all of us” –D.A.
“Useful. New ideas about evaluation of partners” –K.M.
“Very good. Informative and much amusing. Terrific speaker”. –F.P.
“Very high level and a precious contribution of the speaker in order for me to screen my problems” – D.P.
“I would like this to be repeated as soon as possible, so that I can propose it to acquaintances and friends. AMAZING!” – G.F.
“Fantastic!!!” – G.M.
“Very positive action and useful data concerning personnel management and not only” –A.S.