Exclusive Representative

AMT Consultants is exclusive representative of the Online system for Human Resources evaluation “Performia”, for Greece and Cyprus.

International Organization

Performia is an international organization (activating in 21 countries), concentrating completely to the support of the procedures for the hiring and evaluation of Human Resources.

Our Target

Our main target is to offer to each and every businessman or HR Manager greater control, speed and accuracy regarding the procedure for hiring and evaluation of applicants and also for the existing personnel of the business.

1.000.000 Evaluations!

Until today, there have been delivered over 1.000.000 on-line tests and conferences, and the Performia evaluation system has managed to deliver about 6,000 tests weekly, worldwide.

A business can choose between the below tests and conferences of the Performia evaluation system, that the candidate fills in on-line.

Consequently, our company evaluates the candidates, and delivers their results, making the appropriate propositions, always with absolute respect to the personal dada and the individuality of each executive.

  • Personality Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Interview / Performance Check
  • Intelligence Test
  • Aptitude Tes
  • Leadership Test

What Performia can do for you?

Personnel Hiring

Performia system is very reliable regarding the personality analysis and productivity of employees. It offers big safety regarding hiring, since a wrong hiring can bring about loss of time and cost dearly to the business


Even when the achievements of an executive are an important factor when one promotes someone, it is possible to do “expensive” errors that are difficult to correct later. With Performia system, one can see better if the person could succeed in a higher post.

An End to Conflicts!

In an area where there are serious conflicts and upsets, with the help of Personality Analysis you can discover who are the persons that impede the smooth production or work, in some way, contrary to the company, and to handle them.

Re-organization of a Company or Department

Imagine what a privilege is to know the potential of each member of your staff BEFORE going on to re-organize your business. When you know who fits better where, you can create the most productive whole.

Scheduling of Personnel Training and Improvement

Does the candidate or the employee of your company have really the potential to be trained according to the needs of their post? Could something be done to improve them? You will discover it with the help of Performia system.

How to Choose a Worthy Partner

A partnership could bring you in difficult situations when there is a “conflict of personalities”. Test in advance the proposed partner with Performia system in order to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Analyses / Tests of Performia System

Personality Analysis (EXEC-U-TEST)

Personality Analysis, known also as Exec-U-Test, consists of 200 multiple choice questions, with a time limit of 30 minutes.

The test presents 10 personality features that show how the candidate of the employee could cope with the proposed job post.

The results are precise, direct and they give a clear picture of the relation of the person with their self, their job and the people around them.

The test does not only give a precise idea regarding whether this person is suitable for the position, but it also indicates how this person could be used better, whether they are already work or is under hiring.

This test is an excellent and valuable tool, both for the hiring and the development of the personnel.

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Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis is phrased in such a way that it finds the strong and the week points in a salesman and indicates the points that need improvement, analyzing 12 areas of salesmanship, e.g. the servicing of customers, the knowledge of the product, etc.

Before you hire a salesman, you can, with this test, evaluate him or her, regarding their productivity (performance), their personality, their motives, as well as the level of their knowledge and experience for the specific position.

If the candidate salesman shows adequacy in this test, then this is a very good indicator for their future results in sales.

It consists of 120 questions, without time-limit.

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Interview / Performance Check

The best prediction regarding the future results of a candidate is the examining of their past results. Performance Monitoring does exactly this.

Performance Monitoring examines the details of the performance of the person, from every aspect, it gives a precise synopsis of their productivity and explains how this can be verified if needed.

It is a conference that is done though the Internet and has no time limit. The candidate is called to describe in their own words their production and they also can draw graphs that show the volume of their production and to give any other data they consider necessary to show their performance.

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Intelligence Test

IQ Test is planned in order to measure the ability of the person to solve problems.

Almost every job position demands from the person to solve problems, to a certain degree. From the moment that it is clear what a job position demands, the IQ Test will help you to find the most suitable person for these demands.

There are 80 questions to answer, and the candidate has 30 minutes to fill in the test.

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Aptitude Test

The Capacity Test aims specifically to discover the level of the precision of perception (duplication) of the person.

This is very important when you hire executives who must see to the exact execution of the management directions.

This test shows also whether the person is inclined to accidents or not, something very important if, for example, the position demands the handling of expensive mechanical equipment.

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Leadership Test

This test is very important for the promotion of personnel to executive positions of for the hiring of new executives. It analyzes quickly the ability of the person to lead others and, also, it gives emphasis to the points that can be improved in the person.

It finds how well the person locates the source of a problem and, consequently, how easily or accurately they handle it.

This test consists of 30 questions that the candidate must answer, and is without limit.

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